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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Education International Institute, which was founded by M.Sufyan Ishaq, MBA, MF, and a man with immense organizational and educational abilities. Education International Institute is one of the best foreign higher education institutions in abroad. For many years now, it has achieved high rankings and has become representatives of different foreign universities unquestionably the best foreign education offering bachelor and master degrees in abroad.

We are a training institution provider with a broad profile, offering foreign languages course and business programs. We provide our students the highest quality of interdisciplinary education and endeavor to ensure that our students are not only highly educated, ready to meet the requirements of the contemporary job market, fluent in English and proficient in the use of computers, but also are culturally, socially and politically aware.

Over 1,000 students are studying in graduation and master from different foreign Universities, which reflects well on our achievements. They are active in both Pakistan and abroad, and many have excellent careers.

Our Institute is part of a very strong international cooperative network. This is essential for our Institute’s continued development because it helps to improve educational standards as well as increase scientific research.


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